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Among the most sought-after Gemstones is your diamond

Given that it is not cheap, diamonds can even have greater value based on the features present on it. Below are some of the aspects of a diamond that will determine its worth on the industry Click here for more info .

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The carat of a diamond determines Its own weight. The word carat is taken in the carob seed, which in ancient times is used to measure how heavy the stones are. One carat of a diamond is approximately 0.20 g in weight. If the weight is below 1 carat, the weight is expressed in hundredths. For instance, a 0.15 g of a diamond is expressed as 15 hundredths.


The color of a diamond is very Critical in regards to its market value. There are several colors of diamonds that you can choose from in Serli&Siroan. All these are:

· Blue

· Yellow

· Green

· Light Brown

· Brown

· Champagne

· Pink

The most sought-after colour is Pink while the brownish or yellowish diamond is wanted. If the colour isn’t readily determined, there is a scale which may be employed to determine its colour. The scale begins up from D to Z, wherein D is snow white and Z is yellowish.


A diamond’s market value is also Known based on its own cut. The cut refers to the symmetry, the polish, and the proportions of this diamond. The cut also decides how the light is reflected when light hits the diamond. This reflection is the one that gives the diamond its own attribute shine.


The clarity of this diamond is Also assessed with stringent international guidelines. The amount of impurities present inside the diamond as it is formed in the earth will determine its own clarity. The lesser quantity of impurities found in this gemstone, the greater is its own market value.